ASUH Elections

ASUH General Elections

The ASUH General Elections take place every April to fill positions for the following school year. Because all ASUH Senate positions are for a one-year term, all positions are up for election during the General Elections.

ASUH Special Elections

The ASUH Special Elections take place at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters if there are vacancies in the Senate following the General Elections. Only positions that are vacant are up for election during the Special Elections.

Executive Members


Vice President



Senator-at-Large (4)


College Senators

Colleges of Arts and Sciences (16)

Shidler College of Business (2)

College of Engineering (3)

College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) (1)

Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge (1)

School of Pacific Asian Studies (1)

College of Education (2)

College of Health Sciences and Social Welfare (1)

School of Architecture (1)

School of Ocean, Earth Science, and Technology (1)

School of Travel Industry Management (1)

Positions Available

The ASUH is made up of four Executive Officers,  four Senators-at-Large, and 30 college Senators. All of these positions are up for election during the ASUH General Elections.

To run in any of the elections, a candidate must fill out and submit the candidate application form to the ASUH Office. Specific rules and dates are outlined for campaigning in the candidate application packet.

In order to run for Senate, you must meet the following requirements:

   1. Be a full time (12+ credits) classified, undergraduate student at UH Mānoa     

   2. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0  

As stated in the candidate application packet, candidates must obtain 25 nomination signatures from students in their college. However, candidates are unable to collect signatures, they may request to be directly nominated on the Senate floor by a current Senate member. To be floor nominated, check off the box indicating your request in your packet. Candidates who receive a floor nomination must still complete the rest of the candidate packet and turn it in by the required deadline.


Candidates who are successful in their election are required to complete an Accept/Decline Form by the required deadline.


All candidates, regardless of their success, must complete a post-election Campaign Spending Report by the required deadline.

How To Run in the ASUH Elections

How to Vote in the ASUH Elections

In order to vote in the ASUH Elections, you must be a full-time (12+ credits), classified, undergraduate student at UH Mānoa. Each eligible voter will receive two ballots: (1) an Executive Ballot to cast votes for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Senators-at-Large, and (2) a College Senator ballot in which one will only be allowed to cast votes in the election pertaining to the college in which they are a part of.


Hereʻs how to get voting!

  1. Check your email for TWO emails from the ASUH (one for each ballot)

  2. Copy the one-time use access code contained in the email to your clipboard

  3. Click on the link to your ballot

  4. When prompted, enter your one-time use access code

  5. Vote for the candidate(s) of your choosing

  6. Click “Submit”

Past ASUH Elections

ASUH Election results are codified by the Senate at the first General Senate Meeting following the election end date. Click on the links below to view the results of past ASUH Elections.


Dominique Ocampo | Running for Secretary

Aloha fellow UH students!

My name is Dominique Ocampo and I am a Senior at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. I am under the Travel Industry Management school and I am majoring in Travel Industry Management with an emphasis in tourism and transportation. I am also from San Diego, California and served as a club president in my high school years. I enjoy adventuring the world, volunteering, taking photos, sharing my creativity & eating tacos. I am running for ASUH Secretary because as a senior, this is my last year and I want to make my mark by using my voice to make UH Manoa an even better place to grow for those who come after me. I will accomplish various duties that include helping with the overall direction, supervision, and coordination of the student government. I am also committed to represent students and what is best for all.

Marcus Holbert | Running for Senator of College Arts and Sciences


My name is Marcus Holbert and I am running for the Senate seat of the College of Arts and Sciences. I am currently in my final semester at the University of Hawai’i and plan to graduate in May with my B.A. in Comparative/ World History. I am running for office because I want the opportunity to serve this student body and give back to this amazing school before the end of my undergraduate career. One of the main issues my campaign will be focused on is the rising overall cost in attendance, meals, books, supplies, housing, and events around campus. The average cost of attendance is currently priced at roughly $28,613 with a $50,645 price tag for out of state students. I believe these costs are too high, and as your Senator I will do everything in my power to keep these prices from getting more out of control. I am also the only candidate who has worked in the U.S. Congress in Washington D.C.. I spent a year interning and studying under Congresswoman and Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard. I am the only candidate with tangible Washington D.C. credentials and will bring that experience into office with me. I promise if elected to lead with Aloha and do everything I can to fight for
we, the students.

Marcus Holbert

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